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View and Download the Center’s Fall/Winter 2020 Cookbook HERE and our Summer 2020 Cookbook HERE, full of delicious recipes submitted by our instructors, presenters and community members! 



Golden Yoga– A 40 min Video work out from instructor Barbara Levitt (Filmed in her living room, so you can do it in yours) Click HERE

Loosen up your tight hips and back with 6 min of easy Yoga flow. Click HERE

The Perfect 5 Min Yoga Flow for Older Adults. Click HERE

20 minutes of Chair Yoga Flow to get you moving today! Click HERE

12 Minutes of Yoga to strengthen your core and improve posture and balance. Click HERE

7 minutes of Morning Yoga to get your day going! Click HERE

30 minutes of Gentle Chair Yoga to improve flexibility. Click HERE

50 minutes of chair yoga to keep you gently active today! Click HERE

This 9 min Yoga workout is designed to re-energize you mid-day when you start to feel worn down. Click HERE

Gentle Yoga For Older Adults- For Knees, Posture, and Pain Relief. Click HERE

20 min Chair Yoga workout for beginners and older adults. Click HERE

A great 7 minute Yoga Workout for older adults you can do at home today! Click HERE

9 Yoga moves that can ease back pain. Click HERE


15 Minute Workout to help you strengthen your Legs. Click HERE

Try these 9 stretches to do before bedtime to help you relax and sleep better. Click HERE

10 min of exercises to help Improve Bone Density! Click HERE

Try these exercises to help with shoulder pain. Click HERE

These Exercises for Fibromyalgia will help you improve your range of motion, and relieve pain. Click HERE

Don’t forget to Stretch! This 10 min Strength and Stretching workout can help. Click HERE

Try these great exercises for headache relief. Click HERE

Loosen up and relax with this Full Body Stretch routine. Click HERE

15 Minute Full Body Stretching workout to help promote better sleep and relieve muscle tension. Click HERE

Relax today with 8 Minutes of Guided Meditation from our friends at Silver Sneakers! Click HERE

Do you have tennis elbow or elbow pain try these exercises to improve it. Click HERE

Breathing Exercises for Anxiety Click HERE

Stretching and mobility workout to reduce stiffness and improve flexibility. Click HERE

Exercises to improve you memory. Click HERE

5 minute exercises you can do at your desk to help improve postural imbalances, as well as tension in your body ! Click HERE

Learn about and practice the 4-7-8 Breathing Exercise that can be used to relieve stress, promote relaxation and help you fall asleep faster. Click HERE

Get moving in the New Year with this 20 minute Stretching and Mobility work out. Click HERE

Full-Body Gentle Stretch Routine for Older Adults and Beginners. Click HERE

Breathing exercises for stress relief. Click HERE

Three excellent breathing exercises that will help you manage stress, pain and fatigue. Click HERE

2 Simple exercises to help preserve our gait so you can walk with out pain or injury. Click HERE

9 relaxing stretches for stiff muscles. Click HERE

A 10 minute guided meditation to help relieve anxiety. Click HERE

Active stretches to improve your balance. Click HERE

Relieve Stress & Anxiety with these breathing techniques. Click HERE

20 minutes of great Stretches for after a day of sitting at a desk or at home. Click HERE

4 Stretches you should be doing everyday! Click HERE

Instructor Judy Dobbs shows us how to relax and reduce pain and stress  with Reflexology in this video. Click HERE


Enjoy this Qigong for Arthritis relief workout. Click HERE

Want to help yourself relax at night? Try this 5-Minute Tai Chi Bedtime Routine. Click HERE

Start 2022 off right with this 5 Minute Seated EnerChi Flow from Silver Sneakers. Click HERE

Try this easy 10 Minute Pilates for Beginners workout today! Click HERE

3 Best Qigong Exercises to do in the Evening. Click HERE

18 minutes of Qigong to get you going and energized today. Click HERE

Three Qigong Anti-Aging Exercises to try today! Click HERE

Try this Tai Chi For Better Balance workout.  Click HERE

6 minutes of Qigong with our instructor Michael . Improve your balance, lower  blood pressure, ease stress. Click HERE

More Qigong with our instructor Michael McCormack. Click HERE (Qigong has wide-ranging benefits, including improving balance, lowering blood pressure and even easing depression.)

Easy Chair Pilates with Michelle Olowolafe: Click HERE

More Chair Pilates with Instructor Michelle Olowolafe. Click HERE

17 min of great exercises to help keep good posture and strengthen your spine. Click HERE 

Try this standing Pilates workout for older adults. Click HERE

35 min of Tai Chi for older adults you can do standing or sitting. Click HERE

Tai Chi for Beginners is a great way to get moving, feel healthy and ease into your day. Click HERE 


30 minute Strength and Cardio workout for older adults. Click HERE

Get going today with this great 15 Min Seated Cardio Workout. Click HERE

Try this 10 min indoor walking workout to get your heart pumping today! Click HERE

30 min of Zumba Gold to move and groove with today!  Click HERE

7 min of good Cardio to get your heart pumping this week! Click HERE

Try 4 minutes of fun and easy Zumba Gold today to get your heart pumping. Click HERE

Start your day off right with this great Morning Workout from Silver Sneakers! Click HERE

Try this great Seated Walking Workout to get your heart pumping! Click HERE

Have fun while you get fit, with this 20 minute Dance Workout! Click HERE

Try these Quick Drills to stimulate your brain and improve brain health. Click HERE

10 Min Seated Core Workout from Silver Sneakers! Click HERE

5 Exercises for Heart Health. Click HERE

Try this great 20 Min Tabata Cardio Workout for Older Adults, and get your heart pumping! Click HERE

10 min Outdoor Cardio Workout for Older Adults. (Can be done inside too!) Click HERE

Give this 7 min Chair Zumba Workout a try to get your heart pumping today! Click HERE

Try this 8 minute Low Impact Dance Workout from Silver Sneakers to get you moving today! Click HERE

Get up and get moving with this 20 minute Zumba Gold workout. Click HERE

Try out 25 minutes of low impact cardio exercise in this fun Zumba Gold Workout. Click HERE

This 20 min Zumba Gold workout will get you moving and grooving today! Click HERE

15 Minute Zumba Gold workout for older adults.  Click HERE

18 minutes of Zumba Gold in a chair to get you moving today! Click HERE

Get moving with this Zumba Gold – Gentle Dance Movement Workout. Click HERE

Get up and get moving with this 30 min Zumba workout for  beginners and older adults! Click HERE

GET MOVING IN A CHAIR with Christine
  • Workout #4 A great 25 minute workout in a chair to get your heart pumping! Click HERE
  • Workout #3 Another fun 20 min of movement in a chair that you can do from home. Click HERE
  • Workout #2 Cardio workout in a Chair with Christine! Click HERE
  • Workout #1 20 min of great exercise in a chair! CLICK HERE

Move and groove into the New Year with this Dance Fitness Workout set to your favorite Motown Music. Click HERE

10 min total body Cardio Workout from Silver Sneakers. Click HERE

45 Min fun Workout for older adults. Click HERE

30 min Dance Fitness workout to great oldies tunes! Click HERE

Get moving with this fun Fit over 50 Cardio Workout. Click HERE

20 min Cardio workout from Silver Sneakers. Click HERE

30 min Dance Cardio workout with great music! Click HERE

35 Min Dance Workout set to fun oldies tunes! Click HERE

Fun 25 min low impact Aerobics! Click HERE 

A 50 minute low impact cardio workout for older adults. Click HERE

A 10 Min Cardio workout for older adults to improve muscular strength and endurance. Click HERE

A Cardio and Balance work-out for older Adults. Click HERE


Try this 5 min balance routine to improve your balance skills. Click HERE

Enjoy this quick, non-intimidating strength workout from Silver Sneakers! Click HERE

Get up and go with this 20 min Total Body Workout for Older Adults. Click HERE

Here is a great 10 min Strength Workout for older adults. Click HERE

Try this great 10 min Balance Workout to improve posture and balance. Click HERE

Prevent Falls with these 5 Power Exercises you can do in less than 10 min a day! Click HERE

Five great exercises to help with Back Pain. Click HERE

5 Exercises to stabilize your core and tone your stomach. Click HERE

Try this Classic Express 10 min workout from Silver Sneakers. Click HERE

Everyday Exercises for Better Brain Health. Click HERE

5 exercises for a stronger back. Click HERE

Strengthen your Core with these 5 great standing exercises. Click HERE

8 Minutes of Exercises to Lower Blood Pressure. Click HERE

Unlock Your Flexibility and Mobility with this 5 min workout you can do more than once a day if you want! Click HERE

10-Minute Heart Health Workout from Silver Sneakers. Click HERE

Arthritis Exercises for shoulders and hands. Click HERE

5 Exercises to Improve Your Balance. Click HERE

Strengthen your core and improve your coordination with this workout that will get your brain and body in sync! Click HERE

Try this Ballet Barre workout for older adults to strengthen and lengthen your muscles. Click HERE

Information and Exercises for older adults working out at home. Click HERE

Improve your flexibility with these 6 exercises. Click HERE

5-Minute Wall Workout from Silver Sneakers to keep your muscles toned. Click HERE

4 lower body strength exercises to keep you fit today! Click HERE

Strength Training for older Adults. Click HERE

A 20 min strength workout for older adults, you can do from home! Click HERE

Improve your balance in 5 min with these great exercises. Click HERE

The FIVE exercises you should be doing at home every day to keep yourself fit. Click HERE

7 easy exercises to improve strength, balance and flexibility that you can do anywhere in your home. Click HERE

Healthy Holiday tips for staying fit this Holiday Season! Click HERE


If you have questions for Kirsten please email them to her at [email protected]

More Videos from Kirsten can be found on our YouTube Channel HERE.

Recorded Live Workshops for Managing Diabetes and Weight 
    • March 3, 2021- Basics of Diabetes and Nutrition CLICK HERE
    • February 10, 2021– Healthy Foods and Nutrition CLICK HERE
    • February 3, 2021- Diabetes and Nutrition Info CLICK HERE
    • January 13, 2021- All About Food  Click HERE
    • January 6, 2021- Basic Diabetes Nutrition CLICK HERE
Healthy Cooking Videos
  • Get cooking this summer with these summer recipes. Click HERE  
  • THREE easy, healthy and delicious recipes to make at home.  Click HERE 
  • Healthy Meals Cooking Demo . Click HERE  View and Print the recipes she made Click HERE.


Watch and Learn about Mental Health of Older Adults, and steps you can take for a lifestyle that promotes good mental heath, from our friends at Cathedral Village. Click HERE

Watch and Learn about Diabetes Mellitus: An Overview presented by Jeraldine Kohut from Cathedral Village. Click HERE

Watch our Lecture by Jerri Kohut all about “Socialization: The Best Vitamin”. Click HERE

Watch and Learn about The Art of Mindfulness. Presented by our friends at Cathedral Village. Click HERE

Watch our Lecture called “No Place Like Home” presented by our friends at Human Touch Home Care. Click HERE

Learn all about Improving Your Sleep Habits Click HERE to watch. Download the Hand Out HERE.

Watch and Learn about Understanding Parkinson’s Disease, presented by Jerri Kohut, from Cathedral Village. Click HERE

Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease presented by Jerri Kohut. Click HERE

Learn all about Medicare Options, from our Medicare counselor Joan Adler, in this presentation. Click HERE

Watch and Learn all about Reflexology and it’s benefits, from local practitioner Judy Dobbs. Click HERE

Watch this Health Care Options for Seniors presentation from Jerri Kohut recorded March 2021. Click HERE

Watch and Learn about ways to Declutter Your Home presented by Salus University Click HERE   (view and download the hand out they talk about HERE)

Jerri Kohut is back talking about how to Manage your Medications. This informative presentation recorded live on February 18th.  Click HERE

Learn about how to Keep Your Home Safe, presented by our friends at Salus University. Click HERE  (You can download the handout they mention HERE.)

Watch our HEALTHY BRAIN  presentation about the normal changes affecting your brain and you age,  but how we can still learn new things, create new memories and improve all around wellbeing . Click HERE  

Watch our WELLNESS FOR EVERYDAY LIVING presentation by Jerri Kohut. Click HERE

Watch the recording of our Injury Prevention and Balance workshop from 10-29. Click HERE. Download the supplemental hand outs HERE and HERE.

  • A singing warm up to keep your voice strong  Click HERE
  •  Julie Snyder is back with a great vocal warm up to keep your voice strong and healthy, Click Here
  • A Message and a song from Julie Snyder, our Strengthening Your Voice teacher. Click HERE

A message from our Medicare Counselor Joan Adler: Click HERE 

Joan Adler shares important information about the basics of Medicare. Click HERE

Grief Support Counselor David Stevenson gives us tips on managing grief and our feelings of loss during this time of social distancing. Click HERE

Managing Your Grief over the Holidays Click HERE to watch. David Stevenson discusses how does the pandemic impacts grief, particularly over the holidays and what you can do to manage that grief?

Let’s Get Moving: Mind, Body, Balance for Seniors in the Era of Covid 19 presentation. Click HERE

What is Telemedicine? Jerri Kohut tells us all you need to know about this new way of being treated by your Doctor from home. CLICK HERE

15 min of Mindful Movement with Lisa Kramer. Click HERE

Center on the Hill’s Dream Circles and Methods of Meditation instructor David Low bring us some Mantra Meditation you can practice at home. Click HERE

A message from Yosaif August about his workshop “Following your passions to an Encore Career” and what he will be speaking about in June as our guest speaker for the Speakers Series on the Hill. Click HERE

A Message from our Learning to Look at Art instructor Suzanne Fitzpatrick. Click HERE

A Message from Mejire Arijaje at Synergy Home Care with tips about staying connected using your cell or smart phone.  Click HERE



Watch this excellent Art Lecture from Yale University titled Picasso, Spaniard in Paris. Click HERE

Watch this fascinating lecture about the ART of EGYPT. Click HERE

Watch this fascinating Art lecture from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston called- Learning to See. Click HERE

Art Lesson about the style Salvador Dali with practice assignment. Click HERE

Enjoy this short lecture about Hans Zatzka’s painting – A Unique Fantasy World. Click HERE

An art lecture about Abstract Expressionism & The New York School. Click HERE

Enjoy this short lecture, Art History 101: Understanding Surrealism  Click HERE

Megan Holmes from the University of Michigan, talks about Italian Art 2020: Telling the Past Differently in this Art Lecture. Click HERE

Wyeth Lecture in American Art: Between the Lines: Philip Guston and “Bad Painting”  Click HERE

Get to know Contemporary Artist- Bisa Butler, in this great lecture from the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Click HERE

Enjoy this short lecture titled Rembrandt: The power of his self portraits from the National Gallery. Click HERE

Watch this fascinating brief lecture about Impressionism paintings. Click HERE

Enjoy this short lecture about Juan de Zurbarán’s- Still life with Lemons in a Wicker Basket, from the National Gallery. Click HERE

This Art Lecture titled “Friends and Rivals”, talks about the works of American Painters– John Singleton Copley, Benjamin West, Charles Wilson Peale, John Trumbull, and Gilbert Stuart . Click HERE

Art Lecture about Painting Techniques: From Rembrandt to Vermeer, presented by the Yale University Art Gallery. Click HERE

Learn about the brief and controversial career of the renaissance painter- Caravaggio. Click HERE

Enjoy this lecture from the Santa Barbara Museum of Art’s Art Matters Series. Click HERE

The American Revolution: The Art of John Singleton Copley. Click HERE

A History of Art in Color” lecture presented by the Boston Museum of Fine Art. Click HERE

Architecture is ART! Watch these great short videos about the  beauty found in New York City skyline. Click HERE

Learn about these 8 Female Artists from Art History. Presented by the National Gallery in England. Click HERE

LEARNING TO LOOK AT ART with Suzanne Fitzpatrick

Artists in the time of Coronavirus, an ongoing virtual exhibition, features one of our Art Instructors- Rebecca Hoenig , among other local artists. Click HERE

Watch this lecture on Why it is you might not like contemporary Art. Click HERE

A fascinating interview with Contemporary Artist Cecily Brown. Click HERE

An interactive analysis of the paintings of Johannes Vermeer. Click HERE  Scroll your mouse over the painting and detailed information will come up on the right. Use the menu in the upper Right Corner to navigate to other paintings of his.

Enjoy this insight into the painting Las Meninas by Velazquez from lecturer Dr. Jacqueline Cockburn presented by the Arts Society. Click HERE to watch.

Learn how to create great compositions in your drawings and paintings. Click HERE


Learn about how to paint a picture of the Northern Lights using watercolors. Click HERE

Learn how to paint lovely Holiday Cards with Watercolors. Click HERE

The Complete beginners guide to painting with Watercolors! Click HERE

How to paint beautiful Watercolor Bumble Bees and Lavender. Click HERE

Learn to make a Pocket Doodler to practice your watercolor painting on the go. Click HERE

A Lesson on Painting Perfect  Mushrooms In Watercolor. Click HERE

Watch and Learn about the The Color Theory and how to mix your watercolor paints with Artist Paul Clark. Click HERE

How to Paint with Watercolor Pencils and Ideas for Beginners. Click HERE

Watercolor painting exercises for beginners: practicing transparency. Click HERE

Learn how to paint beautiful flowers with watercolors. Click HERE

Try these easy step by step watercolor painting ideas to improve your painting skills. Click HERE

Start painting with watercolors! Watch this great Basics of Watercolor lesson. Click HERE

Getting started with Watercolors for beginners. Click HERE

10 min Watercolor painting lesson. “Pot of Lavender” Click HERE

Watch an introduction video on how to paint with with watercolors. Click HERE

This watercolor lesson teaches you how to make beautiful shades of green to paint with. Click HERE


Sketching Basics: All About Lines. Watch and Learn how to draw lines when you sketch. Click HERE

How to draw a face, sketching lesson for beginners. Click HERE

Learn how to sketch beautiful landscapes in this lesson with Artist Darrel Tank. Click HERE

A Sketching lesson and exercise drawing teapots. Click HERE

3 Essential Sketching Techniques for you to master. Click HERE

An art lesson on how to sketch and draw trees. Click HERE

Sketching instruction and tips for beginners. Click HERE

10 Drawing exercises to train your hand. Click HERE

The basics of how to sketch and shade with pencil. Click HERE


Enjoy this Acrylic Painting Demo  about How to paint simple abstract Florals. Click HERE

Learn how to create a Sunrise Seascape with acrylic paints. Click HERE.

Acrylic Painting for Beginners Step-by Step. Click HERE

Learn to paint with Acrylic Paints:  Forest Birch Trees Landscape tutorial. Click HERE

Relaxing demonstration of how to make abstract art using acrylic paints. Click HERE

Learn to paint a beautiful waterfall scene with acrylic paints. Click HERE

Easy Acrylic Painting Lesson with Artist Dan Nelson. Click HERE


Collage Art Ideas – 3 Steps to Create fun collage art! Click HERE

Learn how to use old magazines to make really fun and creative Collage Art. Click HERE

Collect some beautiful Fall Leaves and create easy pressed Leaf Art! Click HERE

Watch this Beginners Guide To Doing Calligraphy with a Pencil. Click HERE

Enjoy this soft pastel art lesson with Artist Bethany Fields. Click HERE

Try something new creatively today. BEGINNER Pastel Painting Lesson! Click HERE

Learn simple steps to get started drawing with Colored Pencils. Click HERE

Learn to draw with Pastels in this easy beginners lesson. Click HERE

Get started making Collage Art. Watch these helpful lessons. Part 1 Click HERE, and Part 2 Click HERE.

Try out some Pencil Calligraphy for Beginners. Click HERE

Art exercises for Relaxation and Creativity. Click HERE

Learn about pen and ink drawings and techniques and then give it a try! Click HERE

Collage Art Lesson with Rebecca Hoenig. Fun and creative art you can do at home with just paper, scissors and glue! Click HERE

Fun drawing games you can play at home to stay creative. Click HERE

Learn how to paint or draw your feelings and turn them into beautiful works of art. Click HERE

Did you know creating Art can help calm anxiety? Try out this creative art lesson to help relax you today. Click HERE

Visit Princeton University Art Museum for FREE Art Classes and events you can participate in online! Click HERE

Try these 10 Easy Art Projects for Adults you can do from home. Click HERE

Get creative today by trying out some collage art with The ultimate list of Collage Art Ideas. Click HERE

4 easy arts and crafts activities that ease stress and promote relaxation. Click HERE



Enjoy this A, B, Circus! Episode, The History of Balancing Acts from Cirque du Soleil. Click HERE

Watch Allison Williams perform as Peter Pan in this Musical role made famous by Mary Martin back in 1954 on Broadway. Click HERE

Take a look behind the curtain and watch how they staged the 25th Anniversary production of Phantom of the Opera at The Royal Albert Hall. Click HERE

Discover more about these 20 Dance Styles from all around the World. Click HERE

A Holiday Caroling Recital presented by Snyder School of Singing. Click HERE

Watch the light show and organ performance from the Wannamaker building (Macy’s) downtown this year form the comfort of your home.  Click HERE

Watch and learn about every OSCAR Award winning BEST Song in a Film from 1935- 2016. How many songs do you recognize? CLICK HERE

Julie Snyder and the students of Snyder School of Singing present a Virtual Recital of the beloved songs of Rogers & Hammerstein! Click HERE to watch

Check out these Cirque du Soleil performances from their shows LUZIA, CORTEO, and VOLTA. Click HERE

Enjoy this excellent song and dance performance from Tony Award winner Sutton Foster and the cast of Anything Goes from the 2011 Tony Awards. Click HERE

Watch the Best of Dances from Cirque du Soleil in this great compilation video. Click HERE

A Documentary about Broadway and the American Musical. Watch Episode 1 Part 1 Click HERE. Parts 2-3 and other episodes in this series can be watched HERE.

The Blue Man Group has been around for over 20 years in cities across the world! Learn all about them from the founding members of this unique variety show. Click HERE

Watch the BEST OF Aerial Acts from Cirque du Soleil. CLICK HERE 

A Fascinating short documentary about the re-imagining and new production of a 25 year old Cirque du Soleil show, ALEGRIA. Click HERE

The National English Ballet presents Stina Quagebeur’s NORA, a one-act ballet inspired by the lead character in Henrik Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House. Click HERE

Learn about Olympic Champion Ice Dancers Torvill & Dean and their history making performance at the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo. Click HERE to watch.

Take a look behind the scenes of the blockbuster movie Forrest Gump in this documentary. Click HERE

Cirque du Soleil presents a fascinating and entertaining video of what they do best! Click HERE

Enjoy the Berlin Philharmonic’s performance of Debussy’s La Mer from 2009 with conductor Claudio Abbado. Click HERE


Discover what happened to America’s first and oldest telephone network. Click Here

Watch a fascinating clip from the show The Curse of Oak Island on the History Chanel, about the origins of an ancient relic they found. Click HERE

How much do you know about America’s Great Leaders? Find out on this episode of Pop History! Click HERE

After water, tea is the second most popular drink in the world. It has been around as a drink for 5000 years. Discover the history of Tea in this short documentary. Click HERE

Watch and Learn about Pieces of Royal Treasure found by Gary Drayton in this short episode of Beyond Oak Island from the History Chanel. Click Here

Learn about Buttercup Cottage, whose remaining ruins can be seen at the corner of Cresheim Road and Emlen Street in Mt. Airy. Click HERE

Watch and Learn about were most of our Christmas Holiday traditions come from, in this Documentary from the History Chanel. Click HERE

This History Chanel show about the Real Story of Thanksgiving, gives viewers a new understanding of how this much-loved holiday has changed over time. Click HERE

Learn all about the history of The Empire State Building in NYC. Click HERE

Discover how the Vikings Ruled the Seas, with their creation of Long Boats. Click HERE

Learn about what happened to the Worlds Fair. Click HERE

Watch and learn about how Black and Decker got it’s start. Click HERE

Join the “Philly Captain” as he explores Historic Germantown, in NW Philadelphia. Click HERE

Watch and Learn about the 1960 Campion Philadelphia Eagles! Click HERE

Buried Philly: Uncovering 300 Years Of History Click HERE

A fascinating lecture from the Penn Museum about Philadelphia: From Colonial Outpost to Modern Metropolis. Click HERE

Margaret Montet returns to present Part 2 of her presentation on 20th Century Music! Click HERE  You can watch Part 1 HERE if you missed it. 

History at Home: Forging a Community Fabric–The Houston/Woodward Developments Click HERE

Watch and Learn about the 1900 Paris Exposition World’s Fair in Paris, through beautiful colorized photographs. Click HERE

After 192 Years the Philadelphia Inquirer has stopped its print presses. Watch and learn about the people (many of them 2nd and 3rd generation) who worked to print this newspaper for decades. Click HERE

Learn How Water Shaped the US Map in this episode from the History Channel. Click HERE

Discover the history of Killian’s Hardware, McNally’s Tavern, Robertson’s Flowers, and Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop on Germantown Ave. Click HERE

Watch this short Documentary about the Chestnut Hill Railroads presented by the Chestnut Hill Conservancy. Click HERE

Watch and learn about WWII: Role of the Homefront presented to us last week by Jeraldine Kohut. Click HERE 

Learn about the complex water system that was used by NW Philadelphia Neighborhoods in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Click HERE

Google’s Year in Search video for 2020 reflects on this past year, and what people all over the world searched for. Click HERE

This video from the Chestnut Hill Conservancy titled Vanished Northwest, shows us some fascinating architecture that used to be in the area. Click HERE

Watch this interesting short video about the planning of the city of Philadelphia. Click HERE

Watch and learn about the history of the “Gentle Wissahickon” Valley Park in this short documentary. Click HERE

A short documentary, History at Home: Wissahickon People and Nature, presented by the Chestnut Hill Conservancy. Click HERE

Hershey’s chocolate is a big name in PA, but exactly how big is the Hershey Company today? Click HERE to watch and learn all about it!

Take a look at the site of the 1964 Worlds Fair in Queens NY. This documentary includes great footage from both then and now. Click HERE

Take a look at landmarks, buildings and parks that once defined life in the Philadelphia area, that are no longer here, in Part 1 of this interesting documentary presented by WHYY. CLICK HERE

Things That Aren’t There Anymore: Philadelphia- Part 2. Click HERE to watch this documentary about long gone landmarks and places. 

Take a trip back in time to  early 1900’s Philadelphia. Streets looked different, but many of the buildings remain today. See if you can spot them in this collection of old photos. Click HERE

Before it was a mall it was Willow Grove Park, where “life was a lark”. Watch this documentary all about it. Click HERE 

Watch all about the Italian Artisans who built Chestnut Hill. Click HERE

Learn about Thomas Jefferson’s lesser known historic “vacation” home Poplar Forrest in Virginia. Click HERE


Lecturer and Librarian Margaret Montet presents her popular short lecture  “Fighting Fake News” Click HERE to watch

  • March 2022: Dr. Jason Karlawish  Topic:The Problem of Alzheimer’s   Watch HERE

  • February 2022: Kathleen Barron, L. J. Rasi and Danny Rivera Topic: The Impact of the Opioid Crisis on a Community   Watch HERE

  • November 2021: Sr. Catherine T. Nerney Topic: Forgiveness and Reconciliation: The Great Work of Love in a Wounded World Watch HERE
  • October 2021: Rachel Falkove, Tara Monihan, Eileen Jones Topic: Serving Our Neighbors During the Pandemic and Beyond. Click HERE
  • September 2021: Jeff Marazzo, CEO, Spark Theraputics  Topic: Creating The Path For Gene Therapies Watch HERE
  • June 2021: Dr. Michael Stephen  Topic: The Power, Fragility, and Future of our Extraordinary Lungs  Click HERE
  • May 2021: Drew Brown Topic: Philadelphia’s consolidation of 1854, and how it led to us drinking the Schuylkill River  .Watch HERE
  • April 2021: Pamela King Topic: Digital Data Security & Privacy: What you don’t know can hurt you. Watch HERE
    Download resource links she shared: Click HERE
    Download steps to take if you have been hacked. Click HERE
  • March 2021: Mike Sielski  Topic: Philadelphia Sports Media- yesterday, today and tomorrow  Watch HERE
  • February 2021: Thomas Hine  Topic: Populuxe Revisited: The Look and Life of Midcentury America Watch HERE
  • JANUARY 2021: David Thornburg Topic: The 2020 Election’s (Almost!) Over: Now What? The Challenges to Politics and Governance in Pennsylvania Watch HERE
  • NOVEMBER 2020: Larry Arrigale and Thomas Keels Topic: Philadelphia’s Golden Age of Retail  Watch HERE
  • OCTOBER 2020: Margaret Montet  Topic: Twentieth Century American Music- Part 1 Watch HERE
  • SEPTEMBER 2020: Mark Nottingham Topic: An Economic Outlook. What the Presidential Election foretells and what to expect in 2021 Watch HERE 
  • JUNE 2020: Yosaif August. Topic: Follow your passions in an Encore Career. Watch HERE
  • MAY 2020: Elizabeth Sawyer. Topic: Unearthing the Past: Archaeological Research at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. Watch HERE
  • APRIL 2020: Eric Gershenow. Topic: The Future of Medicine- The Emergence of Cell and Gene Therapies. Watch HERE


Spring is here at Chanticleer Gardens! Take a virtual tour of the sights today! Click HERE

Enjoy a tour of the snowy beauty this month at Chanticleer Gardens, from the warmth of your home. Click HERE

Take a video tour of Winter at Chanticleer Gardens. Click HERE

The beautiful colors are starting to change this Fall at Chanticleer Gardens. Take a look! Click HERE

Chanticleer Virtual tour from the gardens last week! Click HERE

See what’s happening right now at Chanticleer Gardens on this video tour from July 3oth.  Click HERE

See what is happening all around Chanticleer Gardens this month, on this video tour. Click HERE

Visit Chanticleer Gardens where the wisteria is in full bloom. Click HERE

Enjoy this Chanticleer Gardens Video Tour from April 2nd. Click HERE

Visit Chanticleer Gardens and see all it’s Winter splendor in this Video Tour from February 5th. Click HERE

Enjoy watching this beautiful video tour through Chanticleer Gardens from October 8th. Click HERE

Enjoy the light dancing about the garden at Chanticleer in this beautiful video tour. Click HERE

Take a tour of the spring vegetable garden at Chanticleer. Click HERE

Learn about the Vegetables being grown on the Terrace at Chanticleer. Click HERE

Watch a beautiful Video Tour of Chanticleer filmed last week where you can see the cherry blossoms and other beautiful features of this cherished garden. Click HERE


Watch and Learn about some of the collections you can find at the Penn Museum! Click HERE

Watch and Learn about what it means for Philadelphia to be America’s First World Heritage City. Click HERE

Learn how to find your core values, and what matters most to you, so you can apply it to various aspects of your life. Click HERE to try it with Mariangela as she is lead through a Values Mining exercise. 

What you missed on Day 2 of the Tokyo Olympics. Click HERE

How to create stunning garden borders with these essential tips. Click HERE

Learn about the Grand Teton National Park in this fun video from the Travel Channel. Click HERE

Watch and Learn about how a Disney World attraction ended up at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure in Orlando. Click HERE

Learn about Niagra Falls. One of the wonders of the world. Click HERE

Watch this video tour of Marineland Dolphin Adventure in Florida, where they are rescuing marine animals who have suffered injuries in the wild. Click HERE

This Classic Cookie has been around for over 100 years. Learn how Oreo’s are made. Click HERE

Watch and learn how to make Swedish BreadClick HERE, and CLICK HERE for the recipe. 

Watch and learn about Gordon Ramsay’s Simple Holiday Recipes and get cooking today! Click HERE

Watch and Learn about how Candy Canes are made, and their history. Click HERE

Watch and Learn how to make an easy no-sew pillow cover! Click HERE

Watch and learn how to make healthy quick and easy meals with Gordon Ramsay. Click HERE

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A fascinating documentary series filmed and produced locally.



Always wanted to visit Hawaii? Take a fantastic virtual tour here! Click HERE

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Explore the beautiful works of art in the online exhibits at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Click HERE

Take a Virtual Tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Exhibition—Making the Met, 1870–2020, Narrated by Steve Martin. Click HERE

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Take a 360 degree Virtual Tour of The Statue of Liberty. Use your mouse to click on various areas and move around to see inside and out in ways you never could in person. Click HERE

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An interactive Map with photos of beautiful Murals found all across our city- Click HERE. Also these Video Tours of several prominent Murals around Philadelphia are great too. Click HERE 

Explore Yosemite National Park. Click HERE and make sure your sound is on. Once on the tour, look around the panorama and click on the RED markers to go visit a different location in the park. 

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Walk through the passionate story of the Civil Rights Movement with this online exhibit from the High Museum of Art,  in Atlanta. Click HERE

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Visit and View the beautiful Northern Lights in Greenland, filmed over several months. Click HERE

Take a tour of Santa Claus Village, in Finland. (Be sure to use your computer mouse to move around, and click on other locations around the village) Click HERE

Enjoy visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and take in the beautiful view from the top, on this video tour. Click HERE

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Visit the Palace of Versailles today from home. Click HERE Be sure to used your mouse to move around, and click over on the left of your screen to open the Locations Menu to see all there is to see!

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The Google Street Art Project has made it possible for you to explore street art from around the globe! Click HERE to start with the world map then click on regions, and then cities to explore all the street art there.

Tour the Tulip Gardens in The Netherlands today. Click HERE

Take an interactive virtual tour of the ancient city of Petra in Jordan. After entering the tour, use the map on the right side of the screen to jump to different places on the tour. Click HERE

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