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Golden Yoga– A New 40 min Video work out from instructor Barbara Levitt (Filmed in her living room, so you can do it in yours) Click HERE

6 minutes of Qigong with our instructor Michael . Improve your balance, lower  blood pressure, ease stress. Click HERE

More Qigong with our instructor Michael McCormack. Click HERE (Qigong has wide-ranging benefits, including improving balance, lowering blood pressure and even easing depression.)

Easy Chair Pilates with Michelle Olowolafe: Click HERE

More Chair Pilates with Instructor Michelle Olowolafe. 17 min of great exercises to help keep good posture and strengthen your spine. Click HERE 

GET MOVING IN A CHAIR with Christine
  • Workout #4 A great 25 minute workout in a chair to get your heart pumping! Click HERE
  • Workout #3 Another fun 20 min of movement in a chair that you can do from home. Click HERE
  • Workout #2 Cardio workout in a Chair with Christine! Click HERE
  • Workout #1 20 min of great exercise in a chair! CLICK HERE

15 min of Mindful Movement with Lisa Kramer. Click HERE

Center on the Hill’s Dream Circles and Methods of Meditation instructor David Low bring us some Mantra Meditation you can practice at home. Click HERE

Active stretches to improve your balance. Click HERE

Get moving with this fun Fit over 50 Cardio Workout. Click HERE

Try this Ballet Barre workout for older adults to strengthen and lengthen your muscles. Click HERE

Information and Exercises for older adults working out at home. Click HERE

Relieve Stress & Anxiety with these breathing techniques. Click HERE

20 min Cardio workout from Silver Sneakers. Click HERE

This 9 min Yoga workout is designed to re-energize you mid-day when you start to feel worn down. Click HERE

35 min of Tai Chi for older adults you can do standing or sitting. Click HERE

Get moving with this Zumba Gold – Gentle Dance Movement Workout. Click HERE

Strengthen your core and improve your coordination with this workout that will get your brain and body in sync! Click HERE

Gentle Yoga For Older Adults- For Knees, Posture, and Pain Relief. Click HERE

5-Minute Wall Workout from Silver Sneakers to keep your muscles toned. Click HERE

30 min Dance Cardio workout with great music! Click HERE

9 Yoga moves that can ease back pain. Click HERE

35 Min Dance Workout set to great oldies tunes! Click HERE

Try this standing Pilates workout for older adults. Click HERE

4 lower body strength exercises to keep you fit today! Click HERE

Tai Chi for Beginners is a great way to get moving, feel healthy and ease into your day. Click HERE 

A great 7 minute Yoga Workout for older adults you can do at home today! Click HERE

Strength Training for older Adults. Click HERE

Fun 25 min low impact Aerobics! Click HERE 

20 minutes of great Stretches for after a day of sitting at a desk or at home. Click HERE

Get up and get moving today with this 30 min Zumba workout for  beginners and older adults! Click HERE

4 Stretches you should be doing everyday! Click HERE

20 min Chair Yoga workout for beginners and older adults. Click HERE

Instructor Judy Dobbs shows us how to relax and reduce pain and stress  with Reflexology in this video. Click HERE

A 50 minute low impact cardio workout for older adults. Click HERE

Improve your flexibility with these 6 exercises. Click HERE

A 10 Min Cardio workout for older adults to improve muscular strength and endurance. Click HERE

A 20 min strength workout for older adults, you can do from home! Click HERE

Improve your balance in 5 min with these great exercises. Click HERE

The FIVE exercises you should be doing at home every day to keep yourself fit. Click HERE

A Cardio and Balance work-out for older Adults. Click HERE

7 easy exercises to improve strength, balance and flexibility that you can do anywhere in your home. Click HERE

  • Get cooking this summer with these summer recipes. Click HERE 
  • Food Groups and maintaining a Healthy Diet. Click HERE
  • Basics of  healthy living with Pre-Diabetes or Diabetes. Click HERE  
  • THREE easy, healthy and delicious recipes to make at home.  Click HERE 
  • Health complications that can arise from not keeping your blood sugar in the healthy range.  Click HERE 
  • Blood Sugar and how to keep yours in the healthy range. Click HERE
  • Questions & answers about nutrition, and staying active while at home. Click HERE
  • Information about staying healthy from our Diabetes Workshop instructor Kirsten Puskar. Click HERE

If you have questions for Kirsten please email them to [email protected]

Recorded Workshops for Managing Diabetes and Weight with Kirsten
  • June 17th- Basic information for Diabetes an Weight loss Click HERE
  • July 1st- Diabetes Myths vs Facts Click HERE
  • July 8th- Healthy Foods and Meal Planning  Click HERE
  • July 22nd- Blood Sugar and Complications  Click HERE
  • July 29th- Healthy Meals Cooking Demo . Click HERE  View and Print the recipes she made Click HERE.


  • A singing warm up to keep your voice strong  Click HERE
  •  Julie Snyder is back with a great vocal warm up to keep your voice strong and healthy, Click Here
  • A Message and a song from Julie Snyder, our Strengthening Your Voice teacher. Click HERE

A message from our Medicare Counselor Joan Adler: Click HERE 

Joan Adler shares important information about the basics of Medicare. Click HERE

Grief Support Counselor David Stevenson gives us tips on managing grief and our feelings of loss during this time of social distancing. Click HERE

A message from Yosaif August about his workshop “Following your passions to an Encore Career” and what he will be speaking about in June as our guest speaker for the Speakers Series on the Hill. Click HERE

A Message from our Learning to Look at Art instructor Suzanne Fitzpatrick. Click HERE

A Message from Mejire Arijaje at Synergy Home Care with tips about staying connected using your cell or smart phone.  Click HERE


LEARNING TO LOOK AT ART with Suzanne Fitzpatrick

Collage Art Lesson with Rebecca Hoenig. Fun and creative art you can do at home with just paper, scissors and glue! Click HERE

An art lesson on how to sketch and draw trees. Click HERE

This watercolor lesson teaches you how to make beautiful shades of green to paint with. Click HERE

Learn about these 8 Female Artists from Art History. Presented by the National Gallery in England. Click HERE

Artists in the time of Coronavirus, an ongoing virtual exhibition, features one of our Art Instructors- Rebecca Hoenig , among other local artists. Click HERE

Watch this lecture on Why it is you might not like contemporary Art. Click HERE

Sketching instruction and tips for beginners. Click HERE

Visit Princeton University Art Museum for FREE Art Classes and events you can participate in online! Click HERE

The basics of how to sketch and shade with pencil. Click HERE

A fascinating interview with Contemporary Artist Cecily Brown. Click HERE

Getting started with Watercolors for beginners. Click HERE

An interactive analysis of the paintings of Johannes Vermeer. Click HERE  Scroll your mouse over the painting and detailed information will come up on the right. Use the menu in the upper Right Corner to navigate to other paintings of his.

Easy Acrylic Painting Lesson with Artist Dan Nelson. Click HERE

10 min Watercolor painting lesson. “Pot of Lavender” Click HERE

10 Drawing exercises to train your hand. Click HERE

Try these 10 Easy Art Projects for Adults you can do from home. Click HERE

4 easy arts and crafts activities that ease stress and promote relaxation. Click HERE

Watch a introduction video on how to paint with with watercolors. Click HERE

Fun and easy craft ideas for adults. Click HERE

Enjoy this insight into the painting Las Meninas by Velazquez from lecturer Dr. Jacqueline Cockburn presented by the Arts Society. Click HERE to watch.

Fun drawing games you can play at home to stay creative. Click HERE


Julie Snyder and the students of Snyder School of Singing present a Virtual Recital of the beloved songs of Rogers & Hammerstein! Click HERE to watch

Learn how to find your core values, and what matters most to you, so you can apply it to various aspects of your life. Click HERE to try it with Mariangela as she is lead through a Values Mining exercise. 

  • JUNE Speaker: Yosaif August. Topic: Follow your passions in an Encore Career. Watch HERE
  • MAY Speaker: Elizabeth Sawyer. Topic: Unearthing the Past: Archaeological Research at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. Watch HERE
  • APRIL Speaker: Eric Gershenow. Topic: The Future of Medicine- The Emergence of Cell and Gene Therapies. Watch HERE

A Documentary about Broadway and the American Musical. Watch Episode 1 Part 1 Click HERE. Parts 2-3 and other episodes in this series can be watched HERE.

Learn about the Grand Teton National Park in this fun video from the Travel Channel. Click HERE

A short documentary, History at Home: Wissahickon People and Nature, presented by the Chestnut Hill Conservancy. Click HERE

Take a look behind the scenes of the blockbuster movie Forrest Gump in this documentary. Click HERE

Learn how to make donuts easily at home two ways- Baked and Fried! Click HERE

Watch and Learn about how a Disney World attraction ended up at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure in Orlando. Click HERE

The Blue Man Group has been around for over 20 years in cities across the world! Learn all about them from the founding members of this unique variety show. Click HERE

Watch and Learn about these key cooking skills from Master Chef Gordon Ramsay. Click HERE

Hershey’s chocolate is a big name in PA, but exactly how big is the Hershey Company today? Click HERE to watch and learn all about it!

Take a look at the site of the 1964 Worlds Fair in Queens NY. This documentary includes great footage from both then and now. Click HERE

Learn about the Vegetables being grown on the Terrace at Chanticleer. Click HERE

Before it was a mall it was Willow Grove Park, where “life was a lark”. Watch this documentary all about it. Click HERE 

Quick & Simple Breakfast Recipes With Gordon Ramsay. Click HERE

Watch the BEST OF Aerial Acts from Cirque du Soleil. CLICK HERE 

Do you know what happens to your recyclables after you put them in the bin and they get picked up? Learn about it today! Click HERE

Learn about how Food Waste contributes to climate change. Click HERE to watch.

Learn about Niagra Falls. One of the wonders of the world. Click HERE

Watch all about the Italian Artisans who built Chestnut Hill. Click HERE

A Fascinating short documentary about the re-imagining and new production of a 25 year old Cirque du Soleil show, ALEGRIA. Click HERE

The National English Ballet presents Stina Quagebeur’s NORA, a one-act ballet inspired by the lead character in Henrik Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House. Click HERE

Lecturer and Librarian Margaret Montet presents her popular short lecture  “Fighting Fake News” Click HERE to watch

Take a look at landmarks, buildings and parks that once defined life in the Philadelphia area, that are no longer here, in Part 1 of this interesting documentary presented by WHYY. CLICK HERE

Cirque du Soleil presents a fascinating and entertaining video of what they do best! Click HERE

Watch this video tour of Marineland Dolphin Adventure in Florida, where they are rescuing marine animals who have suffered injuries in the wild. Click HERE

Watch a beautiful Video Tour of Chanticleer filmed last week where you can see the cherry blossoms and other beautiful features of this cherished garden. Click HERE

Enjoy the Berlin Philharmonic’s performance of Debussy’s La Mer from 2009 with conductor Claudio Abbado. Click HERE

Learn about Olympic Champion Ice Dancers Torvill & Dean and their history making performance at the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo. Click HERE to watch.

Learn about Thomas Jefferson’s lesser known historic “vacation” home Poplar Forrest in Virginia. Click HERE


A fascinating documentary series filmed and produced locally.


An interactive tour on Google Earth of some of the natural wonders of the world. Click HERE

Visit the National Gallery in London. Click HERE

Visit the Live Web Cams at The San Diego Zoo in California! Click HERE

Walk through the passionate story of the Civil Rights Movement with this online exhibit from the High Museum of Art,  in Atlanta. Click HERE

Visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Click HERE

Tour the Taj Mahal from home. Click HERE

Visit the Webcams at Yellowstone National Park. Watch Old Faithful erupt in real time! Click HERE 

Get lost in our city with these excellent virtual tours on! Click HERE

Visit the live web cams at the Georgia Aquarium. Click HERE

Video Tours of 5 great National Parks! Click HERE to tour Kenai Fjords in Alaska, Volcanoes in Hawaii, Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, Bryce Canyon in Utah and Dry Tortugas in Florida.

Visit Europe’s biggest aquarium– The Oceanogràfic in Valencia, Spain! CLICK HERE

Watch Birds from all over the world LIVE today on these Web Cams. Click HERE

Explore some of the over 400 works of art at the Grounds For Sculpture online today. Click HERE

Enjoy this beautiful Video Tour of the Orchid Houses at Longwood Gardens. Click HERE

Tour the beautiful Cliffs of Moher from home. Click HERE

Take a tour of the spring vegetable garden at Chanticleer. Click HERE

The Google Street Art Project has made it possible for you to explore street art from around the globe! Click HERE to start with the world map then click on regions, and then cities to explore all the street art there.

Tour the Tulip Gardens in The Netherlands today. Click HERE

Four great virtual tours of collections in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. Click Here

An interactive Map with photos of beautiful Murals found all across the city- Click HERE. Also these Video Tours of several prominent Murals around Philadelphia are great too. Click HERE 

Explore Yosemite National Park. Click HERE and make sure your sound is on. Once on the tour, look around the panorama and click on the RED markers to go visit a different location in the park. 

Take an interactive virtual tour of the ancient city of Petra in Jordan. After entering the tour, use the map on the right side of the screen to jump to different places on the tour. Click HERE

Watch the Animals at the Monterey Bay Aquarium on the webcams. (I recommend the Coral Reef and the Jellyfish Cams) Click HERE

Tour some exhibits at the Louvre. Choose from 4 Virtual Tours. Click HERE

Take a Virtual Tour of the Sistine Chapel. Click HERE


Games of all kinds you can play free online. Card Games, Strategy Games, Word Games, Mahjong and more! Click HERE

Play some Name That Tune from the 1950’s! Click HERE

Learn how to make a No-Sew Rag Quilt! Click HERE

Play this fun Guess the Word game. #braingames  Click HERE

How to make your own cloth face masks at home. Click HERE

Learn a new craft skill today. How to Crochet– with this easy slow step by step tutorial! Click HERE

Grow herbs for cooking on a windowsill in your home. Click HERE to learn how!

Free Crossword Puzzles you can do on your computer or tablet. Click HERE

Check out the neat things you can do with recycled plastic bottles at home! Click HERE

Get creative today by trying out some collage art with The ultimate list of Collage Art Ideas. Click HERE

Give your brain a good workout today with these great Word Games for Adults! Click HERE

5 Do It Yourself Creative Ideas and Crafts you can make with Newspapers. Click HERE

10 clever and inexpensive indoor gardening ideas. Click HERE

How to get started Scrap-booking as a hobby. Click HERE

Have fun with these great free jigsaw puzzles you can do online! Click HERE

10 minute writing workouts to improve your creativity, clarity, and storytelling skills. Click HERE

More crafty things you can make with plastic grocery bags. (Not just Plarn) Click HERE

Get Crafty! Check out these 19 great craft ideas. Click HERE

Play Sudoku online today for free. Click HERE

Learn how to make PLARN (Plastic Yarn) out of grocery bags, so you can use it to crochet or knit fun things. Click HERE

Looking for something to do with loose buttons you have around? Try this fun and easy craft! Click HERE

Try out this fun creative writing exercise and create some modernist poetry of your own! Click HERE

Learn how to crochet with this easy beginners crochet video. Click HERE

Improve your memory by trying these fun word games online. Click HERE

Here are 20 great Brain Games you can play from home! Click HERE

Try out the Art of Hand Lettering! It’s not calligraphy but its really relaxing and fun. Click HERE

Inexpensive gardening ideas for outdoor spaces you can try. Click HERE

AARP has a lot of fun word, card  and Mah Jongg games you can play online for FREE. Click HERE

50 Fantastic Creative Writing Exercises for you to try today! Click HERE

Looking for word games and word puzzles? Try these from the Miriam-Webster website. Click HERE

Container Garden ideas you can try out, while the weather is nice. Click HERE

Give your language skills a workout today and play Anagrams Online! Click HERE

Exercise your brain with this Famous Landmarks quiz. Click HERE

94 Fun things you can do from home anytime! Click HERE

7 Fun exercises to improve your creative thinking. Click HERE

Check out this list of the 13 best single player card games and how to play them. Click HERE

Creative writing is a great way to exercise your mind. Choose from 365 Creative writing prompts to get you started. Click HERE

Play along with Mariangela and her Mom as they play “I should have known that!” a fun Trivia Game. See if you can get to 20 points before either of them do! Click HERE to watch and play along.

Learn to play the 2 player card game GOLF. Click HERE

Check out this list of the 13 best single player card games and how to play them. Click HERE

Learn to Play Solitaire: Click HERE


Join the conversation -SHARE YOUR thoughts and experiences with us- after you watch episodes of Tell me something good! (now with special guests).  Click HERE


Three items all have something in common. Do you know what it is?

Play all the Rounds of Famous Movie Quotes with us! Click HERE . Then Check out all the answers (Click HERE) and see how you did!


Watch the videos, answer the questions, then watch the answers video in each group to see how many you got right! 


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