At the Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill, we offer a variety of Christian Education programs for children. The Children’s Ministry program seeks to help children come to know God as they experience life together in the church community. There are many activities throughout the year organized by the Christian Education Committee including service projects, family fellowship opportunities and the Christmas Eve pageant.

The Children’s Ministry program seeks to:

  • Ensure that all children know they are loved unconditionally by a good and gracious God
  • Engage children actively and imaginatively in learning Bible stories
  • Help children come to know God as they experience life together in the church community
  • Inspire children to live the Christian faith day to day as they reach out to others in love and service
  • Encourage children to worship, love and serve God with joy and thanksgiving in whatever way they are capable


Church School and Nursery Registration

Please feel free to contact the church office at or 215.247.8855 with questions about registering your child for church school or nursery/child care, or for more information on how to get involved with family ministries at PCCH.


Is child care available during the worship service for babies and toddlers?
Child care is offered every Sunday morning in the nursery on the first floor of the Strouse Building for infants through 2 year olds. Child care is provided by a professional caregiver. Toddlers, aged 2 and 3 years old, are welcome in the child care room on the 2nd floor. Child care for toddlers is provided by a professional caregiver and children enjoy a snack and a room of age appropriate toys, supplemented by music and art materials. Children are generally dropped off in the nursery and child care rooms before the Worship Service, beginning at 9:45. Child care is occasionally offered for other special events as needed. Registration is ongoing and new children are always welcome.

May I bring my baby or toddler to the worship service?
Your baby or toddler is welcome in the sanctuary during the worship service. Babies often love the sights and sounds of the sanctuary, particularly the music. Worship is first a blessing to God, who values the presence and praise of children. If, however, your child is feeling restless and you are unable to remain in your pew for the entire service, you are welcome to retreat to the narthex at the back of the sanctuary or outside, if nice weather. You are welcome to bring your child to the nursery or the child care room at any time during the service and are always welcome to spend time with your child in their care room, where you will find age-appropriate toys and other parents and children.

Where can I change my baby?
Changing tables are available in the nursery and in both 1st floor restrooms.

Do you have a Church School?
Church school classes are offered on Sunday mornings for pre-school through 6th grade students. We use the Godly Play curriculum for Pre-School through Kindergarten and a Workshop Rotation Curriculum for 1st through 4th graders. All classes are held on the second floor of the Strouse Building and are focused around a Bible story or passage, the theme of which is explored through creative activities that promote questioning, wondering and learning. Our class for 5th and 6th graders meets in Brian Russo’s office to have fun and grow in knowledge of the Church and the Bible. Children attend the Worship Service with their parents at 10:00 AM and at about 10:15, they are invited to the front of the Church for the Children’s Moment, after which they go to the chapel for a Church School Gathering.  They are then dismissed to their classes with their teachers.  Teams of volunteer teachers and clergy lead the classes. Registration for all church school classes in ongoing. New children are always welcome!

Do you have a Youth Group?
In addition to Church School and nursery care on Sunday mornings, we have a fellowship group for our fourth and fifth grade students. This group, led by Austin Shelley, meets once a month, usually on a Sunday after worship or a Friday evening; the focus is on having fun and building relationships. Sixth and seventh grade fellowship meets every two weeks on Sunday afternoons for fun, learning, outings, and relationship building. This group is led by Brian Russo.

Do you have a children’s music program?
Each Sunday following church school children in grades 1-5 (older and younger children are welcome) gather for music instruction.  During Church School Sings, Austin Shelley and Ken Lovett lead them in simple vocal warm-ups and rehearse new hymns and choral music. All children who participate sing in worship on the first Sunday of each month, in addition to other special services (Christmas Eve, Palm Sunday).   Our goal is to help all our children find their singing voices, and nurture them to be comfortable and happy using their voices in worship. We hope your children will join us!

How can I meet other families with children?
In addition to the above programs (all of which welcome parent volunteers), there are many activities throughout the year organized by the Christian Education Committee including service projects, family fellowship opportunities and the Christmas Eve pageant, geared toward children and families. One of the best ways to meet other families with children is to attend our Fellowship time in Widener Hall following Worship where children are especially welcome and all enjoy their joyous embrace of post-worship refreshments.