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Learn about these 10 brilliant painters who worked way into their 80’s! Click HERE

Watch and learn about Artist Edgar Degas, and impressionism in the medium of Pastels. Click HERE

Learn about art from the Netherlands in this fascinating lecture from the museum of fine arts in Boston. Click HERE

From the Chicago Museum of Art, learn about Japanese Prints—Hokusai’s Fantastic Landscapes Click HERE

Enjoy this lecture from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts about these rare, lesser known Leonardo Da Vinci Paintings. Click HERE

Watch this excellent Art Lecture from Yale University titled Picasso, Spaniard in Paris. Click HERE

Watch this fascinating lecture about the ART of EGYPT. Click HERE

Watch this fascinating Art lecture from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston called- Learning to See. Click HERE

Art Lesson about the style Salvador Dali with practice assignment. Click HERE

Enjoy this short lecture about Hans Zatzka’s painting – A Unique Fantasy World. Click HERE

An art lecture about Abstract Expressionism & The New York School. Click HERE

Enjoy this short lecture, Art History 101: Understanding Surrealism  Click HERE

Megan Holmes from the University of Michigan, talks about Italian Art 2020: Telling the Past Differently in this Art Lecture. Click HERE

Wyeth Lecture in American Art: Between the Lines: Philip Guston and “Bad Painting”  Click HERE

Get to know Contemporary Artist- Bisa Butler, in this great lecture from the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Click HERE

Enjoy this short lecture titled Rembrandt: The power of his self portraits from the National Gallery. Click HERE

Watch this fascinating brief lecture about Impressionism paintings. Click HERE

Enjoy this short lecture about Juan de Zurbarán’s- Still life with Lemons in a Wicker Basket, from the National Gallery. Click HERE

This Art Lecture titled “Friends and Rivals”, talks about the works of American Painters– John Singleton Copley, Benjamin West, Charles Wilson Peale, John Trumbull, and Gilbert Stuart . Click HERE

Art Lecture about Painting Techniques: From Rembrandt to Vermeer, presented by the Yale University Art Gallery. Click HERE

Learn about the brief and controversial career of the renaissance painter- Caravaggio. Click HERE

Enjoy this lecture from the Santa Barbara Museum of Art’s Art Matters Series. Click HERE

The American Revolution: The Art of John Singleton Copley. Click HERE

A History of Art in Color” lecture presented by the Boston Museum of Fine Art. Click HERE

Architecture is ART! Watch these great short videos about the  beauty found in New York City skyline. Click HERE

Learn about these 8 Female Artists from Art History. Presented by the National Gallery in England. Click HERE

Artists in the time of Coronavirus, an ongoing virtual exhibition, features one of our Art Instructors- Rebecca Hoenig , among other local artists. Click HERE

Watch this lecture on Why it is you might not like contemporary Art. Click HERE

A fascinating interview with Contemporary Artist Cecily Brown. Click HERE

An interactive analysis of the paintings of Johannes Vermeer. Click HERE  Scroll your mouse over the painting and detailed information will come up on the right. Use the menu in the upper Right Corner to navigate to other paintings of his.

Enjoy this insight into the painting Las Meninas by Velazquez from lecturer Dr. Jacqueline Cockburn presented by the Arts Society. Click HERE to watch.

Learn how to create great compositions in your drawings and paintings. Click HERE


Learn how to experiment and doodle with Watercolors. Click HERE

Learn how to paint on Black Watercolor paper. Click HERE

How to Paint a Snow Scene at Dusk in Watercolor with only 3 colors! Click HERE

Watch How to Paint a Still Life with Watercolors – A Step-by-step Guide. Click HERE

Learn about how to paint a picture of the Northern Lights using watercolors. Click HERE

Learn how to paint lovely Holiday Cards with Watercolors. Click HERE

The Complete beginners guide to painting with Watercolors! Click HERE

How to paint beautiful Watercolor Bumble Bees and Lavender. Click HERE

Learn to make a Pocket Doodler to practice your watercolor painting on the go. Click HERE

A Lesson on Painting Perfect  Mushrooms In Watercolor. Click HERE

Watch and Learn about the The Color Theory and how to mix your watercolor paints with Artist Paul Clark. Click HERE

How to Paint with Watercolor Pencils and Ideas for Beginners. Click HERE

Watercolor painting exercises for beginners: practicing transparency. Click HERE

Learn how to paint beautiful flowers with watercolors. Click HERE

Try these easy step by step watercolor painting ideas to improve your painting skills. Click HERE

Start painting with watercolors! Watch this great Basics of Watercolor lesson. Click HERE

Getting started with Watercolors for beginners. Click HERE

10 min Watercolor painting lesson. “Pot of Lavender” Click HERE

Watch an introduction video on how to paint with with watercolors. Click HERE

This watercolor lesson teaches you how to make beautiful shades of green to paint with. Click HERE


You are never too old to Doodle. Try these easy creative Fall themed doodles to stay creative and have fun today! Click HERE

Sketching Basics: All About Lines. Watch and Learn how to draw lines when you sketch. Click HERE

How to draw a face, sketching lesson for beginners. Click HERE

Learn how to sketch beautiful landscapes in this lesson with Artist Darrel Tank. Click HERE

A Sketching lesson and exercise drawing teapots. Click HERE

3 Essential Sketching Techniques for you to master. Click HERE

An art lesson on how to sketch and draw trees. Click HERE

Sketching instruction and tips for beginners. Click HERE

10 Drawing exercises to train your hand. Click HERE

The basics of how to sketch and shade with pencil. Click HERE


Try making an abstract floral painting with Acrylic paints. Click HERE

Watch and Learn how to paint a beautiful forest with acrylic paints, in this tutorial for beginners. Click HERE

Learn to paint flowers with blue sky and clouds using acrylic paint. Click HERE

Have you always wanted to paint but don’t know how to start? This Ultimate Beginners Guide to Start Painting is just what you need to watch! Click HERE

Enjoy this Acrylic Painting Demo  about How to paint simple abstract Florals. Click HERE

Learn how to create a Sunrise Seascape with acrylic paints. Click HERE.

Acrylic Painting for Beginners Step-by Step. Click HERE

Learn to paint with Acrylic Paints:  Forest Birch Trees Landscape tutorial. Click HERE

Relaxing demonstration of how to make abstract art using acrylic paints. Click HERE

Learn to paint a beautiful waterfall scene with acrylic paints. Click HERE

Easy Acrylic Painting Lesson with Artist Dan Nelson. Click HERE


No time for Art? Learn to create works of Art in 5 minutes a day! Click HERE

Try some easy collage art this year! Learn how to do paper scrap collage with fast flow stitching. Click HERE

Learn how to create works of Art with found objects. Click HERE

Watch and Learn how to make Paper Mosaic Art! Click HERE

Watch and Learn how to make lovely Mosaic Art at home. Click HERE

Collage Art Ideas – 3 Steps to Create fun collage art! Click HERE

Learn how to use old magazines to make really fun and creative Collage Art. Click HERE

Collect some beautiful Fall Leaves and create easy pressed Leaf Art! Click HERE

Watch this Beginners Guide To Doing Calligraphy with a Pencil. Click HERE

Enjoy this soft pastel art lesson with Artist Bethany Fields. Click HERE

Try something new creatively today. BEGINNER Pastel Painting Lesson! Click HERE

Learn simple steps to get started drawing with Colored Pencils. Click HERE

Learn to draw with Pastels in this easy beginners lesson. Click HERE

Get started making Collage Art. Watch these helpful lessons. Part 1 Click HERE, and Part 2 Click HERE.

Try out some Pencil Calligraphy for Beginners. Click HERE

Art exercises for Relaxation and Creativity. Click HERE

Learn about pen and ink drawings and techniques and then give it a try! Click HERE

Collage Art Lesson with Rebecca Hoenig. Fun and creative art you can do at home with just paper, scissors and glue! Click HERE

Fun drawing games you can play at home to stay creative. Click HERE

Learn how to paint or draw your feelings and turn them into beautiful works of art. Click HERE

Did you know creating Art can help calm anxiety? Try out this creative art lesson to help relax you today. Click HERE

Visit Princeton University Art Museum for FREE Art Classes and events you can participate in online! Click HERE

Try these 10 Easy Art Projects for Adults you can do from home. Click HERE

Get creative today by trying out some collage art with The ultimate list of Collage Art Ideas. Click HERE

4 easy arts and crafts activities that ease stress and promote relaxation. Click HERE


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