The home of the Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill (PCCH) is at the top of Chestnut Hill, in the northwest corner of Philadelphia. Our lighted steeple is a beacon at night, visible for miles around; just as the steeple is a beacon, so is PCCH a beacon in the community. If you are seeking a church home, we welcome you to learn more about us.
Our worship, education, fellowship and nurture, service, outreach, and social witness programs define us as a family of faith; dynamic, alive, and involved in the world for Christ’s sake. We seek to live such that others can see the light of Christ in all we say or do so be drawn to join us in this exciting adventure.

Preaching and teaching are the cornerstones of worship at PCCH. Services will open your eyes, ears, and minds to the word of Jesus Christ. Education programs for children, youth, and adults build on the worship experience.

Opportunities for service abound, allowing PCCH members to put their faith in practice. We maintain ongoing associations with Habitat for Humanity, Gateway Shelter for Men, and the Northeast Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network, a group of congregations joined to provide housing and support services for homeless families. In addition, we have initiated the Germantown Avenue Crisis Ministry, a coalition of thirteen churches on Germantown Avenue seeking to coordinate a ministry to those in need of help with housing food, utilities, and the like.
Our fellowship and sense of community PCCH are further developed though special groups for adults and families with focuses ranging from theological study to social events, enhancing our relationships with each other individually and collectively as a family of faith.

Clearly, PCCH is a dynamic congregation offering much to its members. The other pages in this site can tell you more about us, and we would invite you to join us at worship service or other events to experience life at PCCH first-hand. Inquirer’s classes are held three times yearly for those wanting learn more about our history, our theological tradition and our congregation, as well as to set off on the new membership journey. For more information, contact the church office.

If you’re considering becoming a member of PCCH, you are warmly invited to contact the church office at 215.247.8855.