The congregation’s chief governing body, comprised of 24 elected “elders” who are to “represent the mind of Chirst.” The Session is moderated by Reverend Cynthia A. Jarvis. There are sixteen committees, each moderated by an elder (see list below). The Session is responsible for the mission and governance of the church.




Martha Agate

Rebecca Bernstein

Stephen Bishop

Emily Camp-Landis

Katherine Connelly

Elise Hocking

Landon Jones

Bradley K. Kern



Kristin Lawton

Katherine Magid

C. Thomas McClintic

Laurie Menyo

Melissa Montgomery

Jeffrey Podraza

Daniel Pretz

Kevin Raphael

Dominick Rebeck


Taylor Slaughter

Harry Spaeth

Anne Standley

James Walker

Matthew Ward

Julianne Pitone-Watson

Christen Webber

Kevin Welsh