Communities for the Common Good

Why join a Community for the Common Good?

Communities for the Common Good were created in response to members and visitors wanting to know one another better and to share their questions, struggles and lives at greater depth than is possible on Sunday morning. Because we often come to know one another by working side by side, each community is gathered around a common commitment to an aspect of the church’s outreach. The first goal of the Communities for the Common Good is community!

With a growing number of younger members and families in the church, there is a keen interest in the church’s outreach as a way to make a difference in the world. Involvement in our outreach ministry among members often involves the same members carrying the responsibility for the larger congregation. The second goal of the Communities is to encourage members of every age to become actively involved in the church’s mission.

The third goal is advocacy and empowerment. If each community became passionate about a part of the church’s outreach, that passion will infect the whole congregation. As people participate in an ongoing effort to change the world for love’s sake, the Spirit begins to move among us and energize us to do even more.

Education is the final goal. Knowing what is at stake in each ministry, thinking together in faith about why we are involved as a church, learning from those whose lives are at risk what faith really is, informing the congregation about legislation, letter campaigns and the like will help us all grow in our discipleship.

What will Communities for the Common Good be and do?

The number and kinds of gatherings has been left up to each Community. Ideally, the Communities will gather for potluck or picnics or some social occasion where fellowship is built. Three to four gatherings per program year is a suggested number.

Each Community begins with self-education leading to education of the congregation. Then regular hands-on involvement with the ministry will be planned, taking care to think about what sort of activities would be possible for all ages. One event might be planned each year that would highlight the ministry and invite the larger congregation to participate in a hands-on work day. Adult education series that continue to education everyone might be coordinated with the Social Witness Committee.

How Do I Join a Community?

Below you will find a list of the communities. Their names indicate their outreach focus. Contact one of the leaders of the community whose outreach most interests you. Watch for specific information on the web and in the Sunday morning bulletin that will alert you to gatherings of the community or activities/educational opportunities open to the larger church community.

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