Speaker Series on The Hill

A monthly watch and learn opportunity for members and those in the community, featuring speakers of interest, now presented online as well as in person. Register to come watch in person (space is limited to 15 people max) or click the Link Below to watch the presentation live on ZOOM starting at 12:30pm. Recorded version is posted here at 5:00pm following the live presentation.

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To Register to watch in person, or if you have questions for the Speaker please call 215-247-4654 or email [email protected] 

October 15, at 12:30pm

Speaker: Margaret Montet
Topic: Twentieth Century American Music- Part 1

Minimalist, Dodecaphonic, Electronic, and Aleatoric music, serious art music, experimental opera, Bop, and Free Jazz: The twentieth century saw a plethora of musical styles flourish and falter. Let’s look back on the previous century to follow these trends and genres into the 21st century. We’ll listen to and analyze music of American-born and émigré composers Aaron Copland, Milton Babbitt, Charles Ives, George Antheil and many others in the first part of this two part series. Bring an open mind and open ears! Part 2 will be presented in the Spring of 2021.

Margaret Montet returns after her popular presentation in 2019 on the Harlem Renaissance. Margaret has three Master’s degrees, Music Theory, Library Science, and Creative Writing. Currently she is a Librarian at Bucks County Community College.

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