Church-Wide Book Study

Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants by Robin Wall Kimmerer is our church-wide book study this year.
Our first discussion will be Sunday, September 25, Second Hour, Reception Room. A copy of the book, for borrowing, is in the church office.
Kimmerer describes her book as a braid of stories meant to heal our relationships with the world. Below are some reflection questions for the first three essays, to get you reflecting on your own stories.
Reflection Questions for discussing Braiding Sweetgrass
1. In Skywoman Falling Kimmerer tells the origin story of how the earth came into being. What is the origin story you have about how your family came into being? Or, of how the world came into being? In what ways do your origin stories help you consider where you came from and how we can go forward?
2. The Council of Pecans speaks of honoring and being tied to the land, of what occurs through seasons of feast and famine and the lessons of sticking together, acting as one. What have you learned from being connected to a particular place? What experiences do you have of sticking together, acting as one?
3.  The Gift of Strawberries is a story about grace. Grace—meaning gifts we do not earn or possibly deserve—that come to us free, without any effort on our part, meant to be appreciated. What stories would you tell of grace, particularly God’s grace and generosity in your life?