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Dear Friends,

The Center on the Hill is excited to be starting its 11th year serving our community of active adults! For the past year and a half, it has been my great pleasure to be at the helm as the Center has thrived. In March of this year, like all of us, I was faced with a tremendous challenge. I wanted to find new ways to still stay connected and offer things while we had our doors closed to protect our health and safety. I was able to find a way to offer fitness videos, watch and learn presentations, lectures, virtual luncheons, interactive games, art lessons, community resources and more, online completely FREE to access, and without charging any kind of membership fee.

During our closure from March-September, we still incurred expenses, such as purchasing equipment we needed to reopen the center safely with precautions put in place. We printed and mailed the Fall Newsletter that outlined our new online programming, and limited in person activities we were going to be able to offer. We purchased technology that makes it possible for instructors to present to us on Zoom, and then be broadcast to people at the center and at home as well.

We are asking you to help make it possible for us to keep our community engaged, by continuing to offer programming at little or no cost to our participants this year. In this unprecedented time of challenges, we have made every effort to keep people active, engaged and safe. If you have enjoyed The Center on the Hill, and our programming, will you please consider supporting us this year by donating to our 2020 Annual Campaign? Any amount you can give would help us to fulfill our vision of offering quality programming virtually online, and safely in person, to those newly discovering us as well as those returning this year to “the place for active adults.”

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Thank you for your support, and for joining us as we look ahead to a bright future!

With gratitude,

Mariangela Saavedra, Director

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What People are Saying about Center on the Hill

“I just wanted to say thank you to you and all the people involved in your weekly posting. What a wonderful place the Center on the Hill is and what wonderful people are associated with it!. I live in the Northeast and have been a bit under par this year so I haven’t gotten up to CH much. I do miss it. And now that we’re all housebound these posts are golden. I look forward to being back when this is over.”  – I. N. , March 2020

“This is great! I’m enjoying the videos and are suggesting them to others who have not been to the Center.” – B. R. , April 2020

“I eagerly read about the good work you’ve created with online activities, etc., at The Center on the Hill, in the Chestnut Hill Local.  I knew the Coronavirus epidemic & closure of the Center could not/would not stop you from continuing to reach out to those that need and want to stay active.  Kudos to you!  Thanks! ” – M. K. , May 2020

“I just wanted to tell you what a great job you’re doing with all the resources and activities offered online. You’ve really made it fun, upbeat, and energizing! Thank you!” – R. A. , May 2020