Speaker Series on The Hill

A monthly luncheon for members and those in the community, featuring speakers of interest.

Gather at noon on the second Thursday of the month in Widener Hall. Bring your lunch and a friend. Presentation begins at 12:30 p.m. Dessert and coffee are provided. A $5 is donation requested. Call Mariangela Saavedra at 215-247-4654 or email [email protected]

Thursday, October 10
Speaker: James Chan – Hong Kong As I Have Known It
James W.K. Chan is a Philadelphia-based, independent consultant who has advised U.S. firms in marketing U.S. products and services to China and Asia since 1983. James was a month old when his parents carried him to Hong Kong 70 years ago, escaping China’s Communist takeover. He grew up with the city that was transformed during his lifetime from a British colonial backwater to a global commercial crossroads. Using photographs and images from 1949 to the present, Chan will interweave this history with personal stories, as the city approaches another moment of transformation. Will “western values” stay vital till 2047 when Hong Kong must revert completely to Chinese fold? Millions of Hong Kongers have taken to the streets to have their say. Will they be able to help Hong Kong stay vibrant to stand as a global center of trade, finance, culture and cuisine? Come, listen and speak your mind.