Speaker Series on The Hill

A monthly luncheon for members and those in the community, featuring speakers of interest.

Gather at noon on the second Thursday of the month in Widener Hall. Bring your lunch and a friend. Presentation begins at 12:30 p.m. Dessert and coffee are provided. A $5 is donation requested. Call Leslie Lefer at 215-247-4654 or email [email protected]


Thursday, April 12
Russel Kaufman – The Genome Revolution and Personalized Medicine

Dr. Kaufman, M.D. has been an academic leader in biomedicine for thirty-five years, serving as Chief of Hematology/Oncology, Vice Dean, and Associate Vice Chancellor at Duke University. After leaving Duke in 2002, he became President and CEO of The Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, from which he retired in March 2015. Dr. Kaufman has spoken at many public venues, including the Free Library and Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane.  His recent interests are in the role of genomic medicine on society and medicine.  In this session, he will explain what we have learned about our genes, how it can inform our disease susceptibility as well as how it can guide the use of individualized therapies – personalized medicine.


Thursday, May 10 (rescheduled from March 8)
Dr. David Contosta – America’s Needless Wars

Dr. David R. Contosta is a Professor of History at Chestnut Hill College and the author of more than 20 books. He will discuss his recently published book, “America’s Needless Wars: Cautionary Tales of US Involvement in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Iraq.” This eye-opening book takes a unique approach to the history of U.S. foreign policy by examining three unrelated conflicts, all of which ended tragically and resulted in the deaths of millions on both sides. By analyzing what went wrong in each case, the author uncovers a pattern of errors that should serve as a precaution for future decision makers contemplating a conflict abroad. A book signing will follow the presentation.