2nd Hour @ PCCH: Adult Education and Fellowship

11:30 a.m.  – 12:30 p.m.
Reception Room

At 11:30 a.m., after Sunday morning worship, we proudly present a series of lectures and discussions, designed to educate the mind and inspire the heart. We invite specialists from a wide range of fields in order to expand our interest and knowledge of faith, mission, justice, theology, technology, culture, etc.


Sunday, May 6
The Faces of Face to Face
Brian James has photographed the guests who dine at Face to Face, one of our newest outreach ministries. Their portraits will fill the walls of Widener this Sunday. A video about Face to Face will also be shown during coffee hour by Mary Kay from the Face to Face staff.


Sunday, May 20
Called Meeting of the Congregation
A meeting of the congregation has been called for the purpose of: receiving and voting on the report of the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee who will present Brian Russo to be Associate Minister for Youth and Senior Adult Ministry; hearing the report of the Nominations Committee and electing a Pastor Nominating Committee.


Sunday, May 27
“I wish PCCH could….”
On Tuesday the staff will retreat to Cape May to plan the next program year and evaluate this year. If you have thoughts on what went well in our common life and should be repeated or what was missing and should be planned, the staff will be available to listen and take your thoughts with them.